Keen Acts is a Sofia-based agency, which has been creating, organizing and promoting music and cultural events of any scale (club gigs to festivals, concert gigs, corporate events and a lot of various shows) since 2001.

We are the agency behind Cotton Records, Reel Feel club and outdoor events, MyBeatLive rooftop parties and Park Live and Sea Garden festivals.

We also stage gigs for the likes of Buena Vista Social Club, Lisa Stansfield, Sylvie Vartan, Spanish National Ballet, Los Vivancos, The Godfather Live and many others.

Since 2001 we have been constantly trying to promote established and new musical trends and ideas with a high quality and additional value. Our aim is to contribute to the development of solid, authentic local scene, attractive not only for the audience, but also for the artists, cultural institutions and brands.

Till now we have organized and promoted events for more than 200 international artists from all kinds of quality contemporary music.
Our events have been attended by more than 100 thousand people on the whole.

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We provide every aspect needed for the quality production of a certain event – concept creation and development, artist booking, technical support, logistics, consulting, PR and partnerships with subcontractors, brands and many others.
Services we provide, along with our long experience in creating and promoting various complex events, are guarantee for quality.


The essence of our work lies in the combination between professionalism and innovation – from the selection of artists, locations and specifics for the events to the detailed understanding of every aspect in gig promotion. The creative approach to organizing our events gives them a unique feel and character, that engages people and builds conversation points around them. Our agency’s different platforms are direct evidence to that claim.

Reasonable prices

We know and offer the real price for all resources and serviced, needed for organizing and event. The agency has its own resources and a trusted network of reliable subcontractors and partners that offer contract-basis relations and preferential prices. These terms grants us an opportunity for saving substantial costs for our clients.



We know how to get to the point, where public, corporate and partner interests meet, in according to all market specifics and real potential of all involved.


Our experience and lore of the local and international contemporary scene gives us an opportunity to identify and offer the right artist, band or a dj for the specific time and place.

Organizing an event

From the concept through the whole pre-event arrangements through working past the last guest leaves – we care about every detail in the whole process of organizing and administering an event.

PR and advertising

Getting people and media interested is related to maintaining a precise stable of media partners and social media channels. We employ a solid resource for adequate communication of all things, related to our events.


The right brand for a specific event or the best event for a certain brand? We know how to reach the fine balance between these two in order to satisfy all expectations.

Technical support

We have all necessary experience and the contacts to control the whole process from locating and selection of venue to securing the perfect sound system for it with the help of trusted partners and subcontractors


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Reel Feel

Reel Feel does club and innovative events and gigs for the experienced and forward-thinking music lovers from the age of 20 to 40. Reel Feel has a portfolio of approximately 50 events till now.

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Park Live Festival

Park Live Festival has two previous editions in 2009 and 2010, that took place in uncommon venues like Sofia Velodrome and Sofia Airport Park. Average attendance – 9000 people.

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Sea Garden Festival

Sea Garden Festival is a single-only event from august 2014, that strives to introduce a new kind of festival in Sea Garden (Burgas).

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MyBeatLive is our music platform with Ballantine’s Bulgaria. Invite-only events that take place on city’s rooftops and high floors with astonishing panorama views.

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Cotton Records

Cotton Records is our in-house label, that has been producing and releasing music since 2005. It’s the reason behind Keen Acts’ existence.

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Keen Acts

Keen Acts works through a set of different event platforms, that helps us reach the right audience with a specific music taste.

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