• Booking

    Our experience and lore of the local and international contemporary scene gives us an opportunity to identify and offer the right artist, band or a dj for the specific time and place.

  • Concepts

    We know how to get to the point, where public, corporate and partner interests meet, in according to all market specifics and real potential of all involved.

  • Organizing an event

    From the concept through the whole pre-event arrangements through working past the last guest leaves – we care about every detail in the whole process of organizing and administering an event.

  • PR and advertising

    Getting people and media interested is related to maintaining a precise stable of media partners and social media channels. We employ a solid resource for adequate communication of all things, related to our events.

  • Partnerships

    The right brand for a specific event or the best event for a certain brand? We know how to reach the fine balance between these two in order to satisfy all expectations.

  • Technical support

    We have all necessary experience and the contacts to control the whole process from locating and selection of venue to securing the perfect sound system for it with the help of trusted partners and subcontractors